03 November 2012

believe, believe

i needed a last-minute halloween costume and i had a purple tutu on hand.

so i went as (a highly stylized version of) the sugar plum fairy.

i had a fun with the makeup.

...and even more fun with the hair! my hair's really fine so i did a sock bun, which actually worked out better than i expected. since i don't have a tiara, i made a headband using a wrap bracelet and some strategically placed bobby pins.

also since we had a four-day weekend i had time to paint my nails and they're shiny and blue and they make me happy, ok?

x, m

p.s. can we all please take a minute to appreciate one of my favorite that '70s show quotes of all time - and a very accurate observation about teenage halloweens:

p.p.s. this was for a costume party but luckily everyone was dressed cute but tasteful... there was none of this:

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  1. aaah found your blog via rookie and i am so glad i did! you are so gorgeous

    xoxox liza http://teenagefeline.blogspot.com/


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