15 May 2011

in the aeroplane over the sea

Everyone knows that trends hit London way, way before they cross the pond to the U.S. Lucky for me, I hit London too - a few weeks months ago (okay, sorry for finishing this post so late!). And I'm back in town loaded with great ideas for the rest of this season and this spring.

Portobello Market! I bought that tote there.

I got a pocketwatch necklace, too. I had been looking for one forever. I love it!

Of course, I had to go to all the Harry Potter sites.

Basically my outfit the entire trip. It was so cold in London in January that I was always wearing a zillion layers! Oh yeah, and my camera went everywhere with me. You can see some of the pics I took of the city up on my flickr.

Peacoat, Delia*s. Jacket, Gap (you can't really see it in these pics, sorry). Scarf, (gift). Sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Purse, Coach. Jeans, Madewell. Boots, Forever 21 (not usually a fan of that store, but I love those shoes! I've worn them a ton.)

Soundtrack: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel (on the mix CD Maddy gave me for my bday, which I listened to a bunch while casually taking the Tube all over the city...)

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